What is fear of failure?

Fear of failure literally means the fear of failure. It is not that bad at all. But some people are so afraid not to do it right, that they therefore block themselves instead of motivating themselves. It does not matter what is actually included.

Two types of fear

There are two types of fear: fear as a state and fear as a character trait. Fear of failure for the driving test at the CBR is an example of fear as a condition. For example if you are nervous about the driving exam at the CBR, while in many other situations you do not suffer from anxiety at all.

Another form of fear is fear as a character trait. In that case, there is fear as a personality disorder, which causes you many problems at all times of the day.
At Born2drive Rijopleidingen The Haque we help people with their fear of failure , with NLP trained coaches who guide you through the CBR exam.

Fear of failure for the driving exam?

Almost everyone is nervous for a (driving) exam. That is very normal. It can stimulate you to perform well. You get sharp by the adrenaline. Some people are extra nervous. But of course that does not have to be a fear of failure. We only speak of fear of failure for the driving test if you collapse under pressure of that ‘one hour’. For example, due to mistakes that you normally never made during your driving lessons.

Special driving exam developed

Scientific research shows that about ten percent of pupils who drop out in regular education for the CBR exam suffer from anxiety. That would mean for the CBR driving test that about 10,000 candidates drop annually, because of their fear of the CBR driving exam. The government thought that is too much and therefore asked the CBR to develop a special driving exam, the anxienty exam.

Born2drive Rijopleidingen The Hague is authorised for this special exam for it’s students with the CBR.