English Driving lessons

English driving lessons for driving license

The driving license or driving license B is a document in the form of a pass.

With your driving license you are authorized to be allowed to drive in cars up to 3500 kg.
It also shows therefore that you have sufficient knowledge, skills and insight to safely and independently can drive with a car to participate in traffic.

Requirements driving license?

You can apply certainly for a driving license if you meet the following requirements:

  • A minimum age of 18 years, unless you participate in the 2toDrive project.
  • Therefore you also must have successfully completed the practical exam for you’re driving license or driving license B.

Driving licence The Hague?

Start now with the training driving lessons and get your driving licence with Born2drive Rijopleidingen in The Haque.

Also available in Voorburg, Leidschendam,  Rijswijk, Delft or Zoetermeer.

Obtaining your driving license or driving license B should be instructive.

Therefore as a result is why Born2drive has developed perfect driving courses and driving lessons for the driving license.

Certainly above all our courses and driving lessons are characterized even more by quality, and customization.

With a keen eye for detail and in a way that always suits you.

Intake, trial lesson driving license:

Firts of all we always like to get to know our new students.

That is why we start all driving courses or driving lessons with an intake, or trial lesson for the driving license or driving license B of 1 hour.

Finally you will also be picked up and brought where you want it, whether at school or at work or at home!

Before you get behind the wheel, you meet one of our coaches and / or driving instructors, they will be your help during the 1 hour trial lesson.

In the car we also briefly explain due to what we are going to do and then we start with your driving lessons.