ADHD behind the wheel


Driving lessons with ADHD at Born2drive Driving training is never a problem.

Sometimes it is very obvious for people that they can take driving lessons and then get their driving license. For other people it can be quite a task, for example because of a concentration disorder or anxiety.

It has become clear that someone with ADHD can have and or respond to this in various areas. This is also the case during the driving lessons.

Characteristics of ADHD on the road

ADHD provides a certain degree of inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity.
Concentration problems often arise which can certainly be very dangerous on the road. That is why it is important that driving lessons for ADHD are given by instructors who are specialized.

Our certified instructors understand their students and know how to communicate the lessons to them.

Drivers with ADHD are inattentive, quickly distractible, and their speed of response is often variable. They are also quickly bored, forgetful and make more mistakes. Furthermore, they are hyperactive, hunted, mobile and impulsive. “The latter means that the student does first, and then only thinks about it. “They often do not think about what plan they make in advance. They also struggle to implement their plan right up to the end, even if they have already made it. ”

So in the car behind the wheel that is not always so convenient. When deciding whether or not you want to overtake, turn or stop, you have to think first. ”

What do we do with students with ADHD in the driving school car?

We always start in a low-stimulus environment, a quiet environment to learn the first basic skills.
We do not give them too much information at the same time. “We divide it into steps, and do not make these steps too big either. People with ADHD struggle to reach the end, so if the steps are too big, it will be even harder for them.
We alert the pupils when they are distracted during the lesson, and ensure that our students keep their focus. Where we bring the students back again and again in the here and now.
If the students react too impulsively during the driving lessons, this is discussed with ourstudents. When the students do well, the students get compliments.

We also ask questions about the possible use of medicines by our students.

Medication can have a considerable impact on the student with ADHD during their driving lessons. Fortunately, there are also ADHD best natural alternatives instead of medication while driving. As a result, the student is able to perform better.

After the driving test, special rehearsal lessons for our ADHD students are also available if necessary or desired.