2 ToDrive is an experiment in which you can gain driving experience under the supervision of a coach. It means that you can start studying for your driving license from the age of 16.

With 16 years you can already go to your theoratical exam. The theoratical exam is multiple choice. You get 90 questions and you must have 80 good. You can learn it with CD, books or online. Your theory certificate is valid for a year and a half. When you are sixteen years old you can start with your driving lessons. You can take a practical exam once you are 17 years old.

When you passed for you’re driving exam, you can drive “with a coach next to you”. That coach is someone who already has a driver’s license and driving experience and is responsible. It can be your father or mother or another trusted person.

2toDrive  project started on 1st  November of 2011. In other countries such as Germany and Canada they have had a similar arrangement for some time.

Research has shown that in this way young people make far fewer accidents and receive fewer fines. You build up knowledge and experience from the age of sixteen.

When you are only allowed on the road when you are eightteen, you are much calmer. You do not take unnecessary risks. You  more responsible and you know better what you are doing.

Born2Drive Driving The Hague has a high success rate. So here you are good. You get good quality driving lessons and you obtain your diploma within your budget.